We Are Westminster: Paula

The biggest time in my life where God has worked with me was when I had Joni, who is now at A&M. She was 19 months old, her sister Shellie was four, her sister Kacey had just turned 8, and Nikki was 10. Their daddy died of a massive heart attack, just… boom. It was very sudden. The world ended, because he was my soulmate and we were very close. I knew I had to go on for the girls, and I was so scared that they would turn away from God. I went kicking and screaming to the neighborhood where I ended up, because I thought it should be a neighborhood with sidewalks and pool and tennis courts. It had three acres but it was right where I needed to be, because everyone from the church, everyone from the community… everyone came to help. I told the girls, this is how God works. A person listened to God, and they came, and they are his hands and feet. I had seven freezers full of food. I had friends of mine that had babysitting calendars and every time I had to do something they would come over to baby-sit Joni. We were very, very blessed. I never, ever veered away from my faith but I think it’s because I said, “I can’t do this. The baby’s crying and the big one needs help in homework and I can’t be everywhere.” I really think that they were truly raised by God because I’m not a big important person. My call has always been to make sure that my kids are disciples. That’s what we’re doing: spreading the Word.

God lifted me and carried me, because there was no way that I could have raised kids of that age and that many. Now they are very strong women and I’m very proud of them.