We Are Westminster: Norval

Thirty years ago, in the early days of me owning this business, it was tough financially. I remember I prayed one morning and I said “God, I need good sales today, or checks to come in the mail, people paying their bills.” Because I knew the cash flow was not good. Back in those days we got everything by mail, there was no computer stuff. So as the course of the day happened, the mail came and there were no checks, the cash day was terrible, and I got in the mail that day a draft for some feed that exceeded my ability to pay. So I called the bank and talked to my banker and told him that I was going to have an overdraft. And he said “That’s all right, Norval, we’ll take care of it for you.” And I remember turning around and I had a phone on the wall there, and I remember hanging up the phone and I burst into tears… because I saw God’s hand. God was trying to teach me “Depend on me.” He taught me that I needed to be relying on him and not to make requests for my own benefit but to make requests that would honor him. “Lord, if it’s your will..” But what happened then, the next day, the cash sales were good, and the checks poured in. And it taught me that I needed to wait on God and be relying on him and not my abilities. My needs needed to be in sync with what he wanted to provide.