Men’s Bible Studies
Currently we have two men’s Bible studies, one on Thursday evenings and one on Friday mornings. Times and location are posted in our weekly newsletter. Click here to subscribe!

Journey Groups
We are committed to gospel discipleship of men in the church, and we have developed pilot groups over the last couple years that are ready to expand. If you are interested in joining a small relational study and discipleship group and are prepared for a year-long commitment to be mentored and to be equipped to mentor, please speak to one of the pastors.

Nehemiah Group
Westminster offers a support group, the Nehemiah Project, for those struggling with pornography and other sexual sins. If you need more information about how the Project can help you deal with your own sexual sin or the pain of your spouse’s sexual sin, click here.

A group of men (and women) of all ages meets Saturdays at Tanglewood Park to play a fast-paced game of angleball. If you have never played angleball before, think a cross between soccer, basketball, and quidditch! Talk to Tucker if you are interested (call the church office at 979-776-1185 to get in touch with Tucker).