Westminster Session

Teaching Elders:
Wade Coleman
Tree Triolo

Ruling Elders:
Glenn Dowling
Bob Gustafson
Mike McDonald
Paul McDonald
Council Mills (Clerk + Treasurer)
Chris Peterson
Darrell Stanley (Treasurer)
Pat Wells

Marion Alcorn
Len Gallagher
John Moehlman
Ken Pierce

Responsibilities of the Session:

The church Session is charged with maintaining the spiritual government of the church, for which purpose it has power:

  1. To inquire into the knowledge, principles and Christian conduct of the church members under its care; to censure those found delinquent; to see that parents do not neglect to present their children for baptism; to receive members into the communion of the church; to remove them for just cause; to grant letters of dismissal to other churches, which when given to parents, shall always include the names of their noncommuning baptized children;
  2. To examine, ordain, and install ruling elders and deacons on their election by the church, and to require these officers to devote themselves to their work; to examine the records of the proceedings of the deacons; to approve and adopt the budget;
  3. To approve actions of special importance affecting church property;
  4. To call congregational meetings when necessary;
  5. To establish and control Sunday schools and Bible classes with special reference to the children of the Church; to establish and control all special groups in the church such as Men in the Church, Women in the Church and special Bible study groups; to promote World missions; to promote obedience to the Great Commission in its totality at home and abroad; to order collections for pious uses;
  6. To exercise in accordance with the Directory of Worship, authority over the time and place of the preaching of the Word and the administration of the Sacraments, over all other religious services, over the music in the services, and over the uses to which the church building and associated properties may be put; to take the oversight of the singing in the public worship of God; to assemble the people for worship when there is no minister; to determine the best measures for promoting the spiritual interests of the church and congregation;
  7. To observe and carry out the lawful injunctions of the higher courts; and to appoint representatives to the higher courts, who shall, on their return, make report of their diligence.