Community Groups

Community groups are a great place to plug in to the community at Westminster and start sharing our lives, studying the Scriptures, and serving the church and the world. It is our goal that every member of our worshipping body be a part of a community group. Check out the list of groups below!

Coleman Community Group 
Leader: Wade Coleman
Studying the sermon text
Meets every Sunday, 6:30pm at WPC

Graduate + International Community Group 
Leaders: Bob Gustafson + Titus Bagby
Bible Study and Dinner
Meets Fridays at 7pm
Location alternates between Gustafson and Bagby homes

Iola Area Community Group
Leaders: Ken Routh + Larry Watson
Studying Matthew
Meets every other Thursday at 6:30pm
Location alternates between Routh and Watson homes

Seasoned Faithful Community Group
Leaders: Paul McDonald and Larry Branagin
Meets one Friday a month at 6pm for fellowship, devotion, + potluck dinner
At the home of the Branagins

Mills Community Group
Leader: Council Mills
Studying “That the World May Know” video series
Meets Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm
At the home of the Maddens

We are committed to gospel discipleship of men in the church, and we have developed pilot groups over the last couple years that are ready to expand. If you are interested in joining a small relational study and discipleship group and are prepared for a year-long commitment to be mentored and to be equipped to mentor, please speak to one of the pastors.

Westminster offers a support group, the Nehemiah Project, for those struggling with pornography and other sexual sins. If you need more information about how the Project can help you deal with your own sexual sin or the pain of your spouse’s sexual sin, click here.