Worship With Us

Updated 3/21/21:

On March 28, we plan to open a second Sunday service. Our morning Sunday School and service will be mask-required, and our evening service will be mask-optional. Check out the details about both services in this email to the congregation. >>

We celebrate weekly communion and invite all professing baptized Christians who are in good standing with a gospel believing church to keep the feast with us.

We invite and welcome all people. Westminster is a Biblical, Reformed, Covenantal community that especially welcomes those who are searching and even skeptical of Christ and His church. We love to dialogue and talk with everyone about who Jesus really is.

Westminster is a church that celebrates the gospel. The good news of Jesus Christ is foremost and we strive by God’s grace and with his help to keep the gospel at the center of who we are and all we do. In our corporate worship and in our shared life, we want to make much of Jesus and his work of redemption for us and for the world.