Minutes-in-a-Minute: November 13, 2018

  • Elders and Deacons met together in the joint meeting to discuss, review and consider ministry over the last year.
  • Officers prayed with shepherding and accountability partners for the congregation.
  • Discussed specific issues of transition to two congregations and the work of elders and deacons.
  • Discussed the effectiveness of ministries such as Wednesdays @ Westminster and the Fall Festival, and are looking forward to build on the theme of hospitality for the year to come.

Shepherding Meeting:

  • Elders heard reports from Pastor Ben and Pastor Jon about ministries in the College Station and Bryan congregations
  • Planned to have a joint officer dinner on December 18 at the Colemans’ house
  • Assigned new members to congregational shepherding

Approved the minutes of the earlier Strategic Commission meeting:

  • Health insurance carrier and health plans for the upcoming year for WPC staff
  • Discussion on strategic giving initiatives for 2019
  • Talked about developing a sabbatical plan for Pastor Wade in 2019
  • Added new families and removed families from the membership of the church