We Are Westminster: Darrell

Christ gives us the faith to meet any challenges and obstacles. I was a manager at the company I worked for here in College Station for 25 years, and during Y2K, before that, we ramped up employees quite significantly in my group. Of course when Y2K came and went, a lot of the workload was no longer there. So we had to lay off 30% of our team. I struggled with that, you know, struggled mightily, looking through Scripture, praying about that. As it came about, it was a tough day or two but I felt a sense of peace after it was over. I think God gives us a sense of peace, and if we follow him, he’ll give us that sense of peace afterwards. And then he did it again a few years later when I was laid off, after 25 years with the group. No job, no prospects for a job… Does that mean we are going to have to move, are we going to stay here, what are we going to do? It’s just that whole unknown. But thoughout that whole time, I really didn’t struggle with it. I just knew God would answer and he would put me and Carol in the place he wanted us to be. We were really at ease about it. It took about 3 or 4 months, which really wasn’t that long, before I found another opportunity. And that was all through relationships, the relationships that Christ had put me in and around. He knew all this ahead of time. It’s neat when you look back… you don’t know going forward, but you look back and see all those things he put in place. The dominos were there. That’s also what gives me so much faith that he’s doing the same thing going forward. It’s going back and resting in him every day.