Minutes-in-a-Minute, January 2020

Joint officers met on January 21.

  • They discussed and approved three nominees of trustees for the congregational meeting of January 26. Charles Ackerman, Kevin Ayers, and Bob Gustafson were elected as trustees in that congregational meeting.
  • Elders and deacons prayed for Shepherding Group families.
  • Officers reviewed the year-end Financial Report from the WPC Treasurer, shown below:
December 2019

Actual Giving (YTD): 
Budgeted Expenses (YTD):
Actual Expenses (YTD):
Actual Ahead (Behind):

*YTD includes all activity for the fiscal year, beginning Jan 1 thru December 31, 2019

In the shepherding portion of the meeting, elders reviewed and discussed chapter 3 of The Shepherd Leader by Timothy Whitmer. Time was spent working on S.M.A.R.T. goals as a follow-up to the sessions with leadership consultant John Purcell. Elders prayed for the specific needs of families, added new families to shepherding lists, and discussed retention and follow-up for existing members of Westminster.

The Session heard and reviewed the report of the Strategic Commission from 1/7/2020:

  • A date has been set for an officers’ retreat, May 1-2 at White Creek Ranch in Anderson, TX.
  • Discussion and adoption of plans re: the future ongoing relationship between Westminster-Bryan and Westminster-College Station in the areas of governance, ministry, and finances.

Updates on strategic planning for our College Station congregation will be given at a congregational information meeting being scheduled for the spring.