Minutes-in-a-Minute, December 2019

At the joint session meeting on December 17, deacons and elders had dinner together, followed by a season of prayer for Westminster Presbyterian, her people and our mission.

In the stated meeting at 7pm, elders opened with prayer and scripture reading from I Peter 5:1-5; then discussed chapter 2 of Timothy Whitmer’s The Shepherd Leader on the topic of the work of the elder in the New Testament.

The Session heard an address from Elder Emeritus John Moehlman, encouraging them in the work of the church. 

Time was spent on congregational shepherding, prayer for families, and talking about family, church, and community needs in our midst.

Elders heard the report of the Strategic Commission from December 5:

  • Discussion about important transitions with the College Station congregation, including strategic planning for the next three years.
  • The College Station congregation plans to move to morning worship in the first quarter of 2020.
  • Ben Hailey was approved to pursue chaplaincy with the College Station police department.
  • Review and discussion of WPC incorporation and bylaws with a congregational meeting set for 1/26/20 to vote on bylaw changes. These changes were introduced to the congregation in our December annual meeting.
  • 1/26/20 is also set for the date for the election of trustees to the incorporation.

The Session received letters from Kent Moore and Dan Wilkerson, resigning as trustees of the incorporation. 

Elders heard a proposal for deacon assistants, including four men and four women from our laity, who will be appointed by the session and begin training in January and February 2020. To read more about deacon assistants in the PCA, click here.