Minutes-in-a-Minute: March 2019

In the joint officers’ meeting on March 19, elders and deacons met with lay leadership to discuss upcoming changes to the current committee/team structure. If you are interested in seeing the approved new structure for our committees and teams, click here. Preparations are being made to implement the new structure in the fall of 2019. We want to create more membership involvement and open doors for ministry in the church and to the community.

Elders, deacons and lay leaders began work on the 2020 Vision and Ministry plans for each area of ministry.

In the shepherding portion of the meeting, the elders worked on updating membership rolls to reflect changes in status and assigning new members to Shepherding Teams. In addition, elders received the minutes of the Strategic Commission meeting from March 7, which included:

  • Discussions on Reach South Texas proposal to begin a church planting network within the bounds of the South Texas presbytery.
  • Facilitating flow of information between the Strategic Commission and the Shepherding Commission
  • Considered architectural proposal for a recreational pad at the Westminster Bryan location. This proposal has been approved and confirmed by the diaconate and the session.
  • Discussed implementation of the position of diaconal assistants for the fall of 2019, including lay leadership (men and women) in the collection of the offering during the worship service.
  • Proposal was received for updating the audio/visual systems in the Bryan Fellowship Hall.