We Are Westminster: Jay

It has been amazing to see the changes just in our church and just in our people. I will say, having come from an established church and not having to really “sell a church” to people, in Houston and even when we were up here, people would ask what church do you go to, and you say Westminster Presbyterian, and that was about it. It changes when you say, “We’re going to Westminster Presbyterian in College Station and we meet at 5:00 at this church and I would love to see you there.” Taking that extra step is shockingly difficult the first few times you do it, because you really feel like you’re prying into somebody’s personal space; you’re making an assumption that either they don’t believe or they don’t go to church. After a few times you realize that’s not it at all. That opening up to someone like that opens you up and you have discussion time.

The perception always is that a good life is a God life. In College Station frankly, most people have a good life. It’s when you start unpacking that, and seeing that there’s a lot of hurt, there’s a lot of pain, there’s a lot of issues that are inside these well manicured lawns, well maintained homes that still need God. I think that us moving into College Station really showed me what God’s trying to do in the community, and where God’s at work. It’s been quite inspiring for me and again quite surprising how much God has used me, who is broken and some mornings can barely find my shoes or socks that match, and has put me in a position to be able to bring people to Jesus and to bring people to God.