Minutes-in-a-Minute: August 21, 2018

In a joint meeting with deacons and key ministry leaders, there was discussion about the 2019 budget. A workshop honed vision for proposed budgets for the coming year.

The session received the report of the strategic commission. (The session is now dividing its work between three commissions: the strategic commission for administrative functions of the church, and two shepherding commissions for the Bryan and College Station congregations.)

The session adopted a letter to the congregation about studying the report of the 45th General Assembly on “Women in the Ministries of the Church.” Click here to read the GA report.

The session spent extended time in praying for and discussing families and shepherding.

It’s humbling, the role and responsibility when you really look at it. It’s humbling that God has called me to this role, to be a part of the Session but also be shepherding part of the flock. I think the encouraging part is seeing lives changed. We get to be in some of those conversations, as to what’s going on in lives and seeing how God works through that. That’s just encouraging to see how he uses his people as instruments throughout their spiritual journey. – Darrell Stanley