Hannah Ayers

Hannah is the Membership Coordinator at Westminster and one of the main parts of her job is helping new people get connected into the Body of Christ. She enjoys welcoming people into fellowship and looking for ways to support them and help them find their own outlets for serving and securing friendships.
Hannah loves the Body of Christ at Westminster and feels a strong sense of belonging and calling here. She and her husband, Kevin, have been married for 25+ years and have five children ranging in ages from 12-21. They moved here in 2004 to be closer to family and stayed because it felt like home.
Hannah turned 23, received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Economics from King College (now University) in Bristol, TN, and got married all in the same week in 1991. She moved into her first home with her husband and began a new job just a month later.
After five years in the workforce, their first child came along and Hannah moved out of the workplace and became a stay-at-home mom. After a few moves and a few more children, Hannah found a job in a couple of mother’s day out programs, where she found that she had a love of working with children. This also made a way for her to earn a little income and still have her children “with” her during the days. Then as her children entered school-age and the Ayers family made a move to Bryan/College Station, Hannah, with a little prompting from her sister, made a decision to homeschool their children. It was not an easy transition, but there was a strong-knit homeschooling community which helped, and she soon found that having those “ah-ha” moments with her children made all the hard work worth it. After 11 years of homeschooling, their youngest child entered public school and with that, Hannah looked for other ways to serve her family and her church.
In Church on Sunday mornings, Hannah can often be found in the nursery during the Sunday School hour, where she feels called to love on the little ones and pray for them and their families. She and Kevin have taken on supportive roles in the Nehemiah Project and have seen God do big miracles there. Hannah’s favorite things are watching her children do their “things” whether it be swimming, diving, running, and/or cheerleading. Lastly, she enjoys hanging out with her family, the occasional Netflix marathon, and exercising. . .preferably exercising with friends, but she’ll go alone if she has to.
Westminster Presbyterian Church in Bryan | College Station
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