For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve,
and to give His life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45


Westminster Presbyterian Church is a gospel-focused community committed to God exalting worship and equipping Christ’s followers to share His redeeming grace.

Core Commitments

  • Gospel Awe – Bible Directed Worship and Life
  • Worship and Life – We are pursuing “humble orthodoxy” put into practice by valuing the primacy of the Gospel and seeking God in the vitality of worship. We live for His glory and pleasure to reign over our lives.
  • Gospel Culture – Grace-Centered Growth at Work
  • Grace-Centered Life – We value growing in Gospel dependence upon Christ through a life of constant faith and repentance. Our desire is to cultivate a heart that loves God and loves others selflessly. Practically, we will endeavor to apply the beauty of the Gospel to life daily and because of the indispensability of the church we will do it together.
  • Gospel Depth – Equipping Christ Honoring Followers
  • Equipped Followers – In order to build and bless the Kingdom of God with faith in action, we will assist the church family to discover, understand and utilize their God given giftings. We value shepherding, strengthening, maturing and serving so each member’s calling can be embraced for the good of Christ, His Church and His kingdom.
  • Gospel Impact – Engage Transforming Mission Together
  • Transforming Mission – We delight to be faithfully and sacrificially engaged, endeavoring to join God where He is at work. By God’s grace, we want to make and release a family of Christ who is committed to gospel transformation in the home, in the Church, in Aggieland and in the Nations as a winsome witness of His redeeming grace.