Westminster Presbyterian Church
Job Description
Youth and Family Pastor/Director

Summary and Primary Function: To oversee, lead, and facilitate the comprehensive ministry to youth (6th to 12th grade) and their families in carrying out the ministry and mission of Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) by means of teaching, prayer, pastoral care, and organizational leadership that builds up families in the worshipping community in WPC and aids students to reach their peers with Christ and prepares them to move with Christian maturity into adulthood.

Oversight: The Senior Pastor on a regular basis, to ensure that duties and responsibilities are being followed with performance reviews conducted annually by the personnel members of the Administrative Committee reporting to the Session.

Supervises: Youth intern staff and ministry volunteers connected to the Bryan and South College Station sites.

Special Requirements and Characteristics:

  • Hold true to the scriptures of the Old & New Testaments plus the PCA approved doctrines known as the Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger & Shorter Catechisms and the Book of Church Order.
  • When ordainable, must be approved by Presbytery in all areas of faith and belief.
  • Relates to the Bryan & South College Station congregations as youth and family pastor; relates to youth ministry staff and volunteers as their pastor for day-to-day oversight under the direction and with coordination  of the Senior pastor; for regular oversight from the Senior Pastor and Session of WPC, and relates to Presbytery as a member (when ordained).
  • Be a man of God, a man of prayer, who knows by continuous personal experience what it means to be in union with Christ and renewed in God’s grace.
  • Have a vision for the work of Christ in and through WPC in the Bryan and College Station community.
  • Be a man of great personal integrity who demonstrates godliness in personal relationships in his family, in the church and in the community.
  • Have a heart for bringing the lost to Christ, both locally and globally.

 Primary Duties:

Relational Discipleship and Outreach Leadership (50% of time)

  • To develop our twofold strategy:
    • Reaching and teaching our covenant youth in WPC to embrace gospel commitment and community in Christ while equipping them to serve Christ in the church and the world.
    • Reaching and teaching youth of WPC to love, serve, and communicate the gospel in their homes, schools, and spheres of influence in B/CS.
  • To facilitate a Biblically-rooted, Spirit-led, Christ-centered, Gospel-shaped, and relationally-driven course of discipleship and leadership development to aid youth in maturing in identity in Christ and His church.
  • To cultivate gospel love in covenant community to integrate faith and life by leading: 1) weekly large group Bible study and fellowship, 2) regular small groups for discipleship and spiritual formation and growth (developing a group for every 5 to 7 students), and 3) one-to-one interactions for outreach, faith building counsel and conversation to foster deeper gospel understanding.
  • To model and train youth in a “Great Commission” and “Great Commandments” lifestyle so they will have a winsome witness and understanding of the bigger storyline of love and worship for God and love and service for their neighbors.

 Pastoral Leadership (25% of time)

  • To shepherd students and their families. Building relational ministry with youth and their parents seeking to help them in the roles and responsibilities within the covenant home. Normally making at least one family visit per week.
  • To give spiritual counsel, guidance, and help to families and their youth as needed and to refer when appropriate.
  • To initiate relationship with and pursue fringe youth and families and develop opportunities for new families to enter the life and ministry of WPC.

Organizational Leadership (25% of time)

  • To act as a communicator and guardian of the WPC and youth and family ministry vision for the work of Christ in and through the church.
  • To facilitate communication with parents and youth in the implementation of a clear ministry plan of families, including retreats, camps, and conferences.
  • To advise and lead the day-to-day ministry planning and programming for youth and their families.
  • To build leaders by recruiting and training adult volunteers and students to utilize God-given gifts in service to the youth and family ministry of WPC.
  • To organize mission and ministry opportunities for service and outreach locally and regionally.

 Additional Qualifications and Skills:

  • Pass criminal background check
  • Three years of ministry experience a plus
  • Have a seminary degree or willing to pursue a seminary degree while working with WPC